JM Module – PRESS

Turkey is part of Single Market since 1995 with her access to free movement of some goods via her membership to the EU – Turkey Customs Union. Turkish partnership to EU is of vital importance for both parties and provide benefits for both customers and producers. Close scrutiny and full compliance with EU norms as well as regulatory framework will guarantee sustainability of Turkish EU partnership. Thus, understanding and adapting EU approach to sustainability and circular economy must be at first place for Turkey. Since early 2000s, EU has led the global redesign to achieve a sustainable world economy with her high reliance on sustainable development strategies. This paradigmal change renders EU with an economy model that is circular, green and sustainable to achieve greener, smarter, stronger EU, with an overarching target of ‘zero carbon emissions by 2050’. Single Market is one of the best tools for driving this transition to circular economy. New Circular Economy Action Plan, proposed by European Commission in 2020, designed several initiatives to promote circular economy process in production and ensure sustainable patterns of consumption. The module on Sustainable Single Market is based on lecture series and case discussions aiming to provide a general overview of the action plan and to contribute to its implementation in Turkey under Chapter 27. The project aims to familiarise the participants with EU’s environmental policy, and its applications in the European Single Market. This Module is to raise awareness on the New Circular Economy Action Plan of the EU, and promote academic work on Sustainable Single Market.